“God language can tie people into knots, of course. In part, that is because ‘God’ is not God’s name. Referring to the highest power we can imagine, ‘God’ is our name for that which is greater than all and yet present in each. For some the highest imaginable power will be a petty and angry tribal baron ensconced high above the clouds on a golden throne, visiting punishment on all who don’t believe in him. But for others, the highest power is love, goodness, justice, or the spirit of life itself. Each of us projects our limited experience on a cosmic screen in letters as big as our minds can fashion. For those whose vision is constricted (illiberal, narrow-minded people), this can have horrific consequences. But others respond to the munificence of creation with broad imagination and sympathy. Answering to the highest and best within and beyond themselves, they draw lessons and fathom meaning so redemptive that surely it touches the divine.”
― Forrest Church, The Cathedral of the World: A Universalist Theology

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The riotous tumult of a laugh, I take it, is the mob-law of the features, and propriety the magistrate who reads the riot-act.
-Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. (Unitarian, physician, poet, editor, critic)

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A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market.
-Charles Lamb (Unitarian, critic, essayist, author)

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